What We Do

Real Estate Investment + Research:

Global expansion continues to be a growth market for mid-sized businesses in the developed world.  Many companies are looking to underdeveloped or developing countries for their next phase of growth. We have found that local operating partners are advantageous in executing business in developing countries.  We also assist our customers in their own business development and growth within the country which is a personalized level of service that the large consulting and real estate companies do not provide.

Information Technology Management & Strategy:

Our Executive Consultants have experience connecting IT systems in the most austere environments via multiple channels.  They have developed relationships with local ISP’s and network equipment providers to negotiate discounts for clients and provide the most effective and cost-efficient implementation plan for any expansion opportunity.

Strategic Business Development & Management:

Diversified Management Group uses experienced executives that are satisfied with part-time work with a company that takes care of them and allows them to focus on their customers.